Capital Projects – Renfrew

Capital Projects - Renfrew Regeneration

Project Description

The regeneration of Renfrew 2 is a significant exterior reconstruction including siding replacement to a vinyl product as well as new windows and doors. This work is designed to improve the energy efficiency of the building, fix exterior structural deficiencies, address safety hazards related to aging exterior infrastructure, and extend the building’s lifecycle. New material and an updated colour scheme will also enhance and modernize the building.

Property Details

Renfrew 2
Location: 1200 block 8 Ave NE, 900 block Robert Road NE
Type: Townhouse
Units: 2 and 3 bedroom
# of households: 20
Built in: 1983

Community: Renfrew
Project: Regeneration
Property: Renfrew 2
Schedule: Construction scheduled January to March 2018
Budget: Approved budget of $252,822.22
Funder: Government of Alberta

Renfrew 2 prior to regeneration

Renfrew 2 prior to regeneration

This project was made possible through funding from the Government of Alberta and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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