Welcome to the CHC Tenant Information Centre

As a tenant, you will come in contact with a variety of different CHC staff members for support with different problems, services or situations. The list below provides more information about when to connect with various CHC staff.

When to call your

Property Manager (PM)

  • Report any criminal behavior or violation of your rights as a resident
  • Report concerns about other residents
  • Report concerns about the maintenance of your property or request an inspection of maintenance work completed in your unit
  • Ask about eligibility for housing or adding/removing someone to/from your lease
  • Ask about ending your lease or signing a new one
  • Schedule an appointment for a move out inspection
  • Ask about an eviction notice or court papers
  • For information on how to arrange a payment

Maintenance Administrator (MA)

  • Request repairs to your unit or a common area
  • Report pests on the property such as ants, bedbugs, mice, etc.
  • Request abandoned furniture be removed
  • Ask about when a repair will be completed

Account Administrator (AA)

  • Ask about your Annual Rent Review
  • Ask about a letter you received seeking information about your household or income
  • Ask about rent adjustments and rent calculations
  • Ask about how to add an occupant to your household
  • Ask about your account balance or how to arrange a payment

Tenant Liaison (TL)

  • Provide assistance to work on issues that may affect your tenancy with Calgary Housing
  • Assistance with forms and documents
  • Liaise with other Calgary Housing Company departments regarding tenancy/housing concerns
  • Referrals to resources such as: food, furniture, clothing, emergency financial assistance, recreation (kids and family), social benefits, health (physical and mental) related programs, counselling and crisis services
  • Help with problem solving concerns in the community/property such as: unsupervised children, neighbour disputes, noise complaints, illegal activity, etc

Thank you for your feedback. If you are trying to reach Calgary Housing Company Customer Service, please call (587) 390-1200.

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