Capital Projects Killarney

Capital Projects – Killarney Regeneration

Project Description

The regeneration of Killarney 1 includes significant exterior reconstruction involving siding replacement to a resistant concrete product, new fiberglass windows, new balcony membranes and sliding doors, new handrails and conversion of sunrooms to useable interior space. This regeneration improves the energy efficiency of the building, fixes exterior structural deficiencies, addresses safety hazards related to the aging exterior and extends the building’s lifecycle. New material and an updated colour scheme also enhance and modernize the building.

Property Details

Killarney 1
Location: 1900 block 29 St SW
Type: 3 Floor Walk Up
Units: 2 bedroom
# of households: 17
Built in: 1982

Community: Killarney
Project: Complete regeneration
Property: Killarney 1 (KL1)
Schedule: Construction scheduled from August 2017 to March 2018
Budget: Approved budget of $500,000.
Funder: Government of Alberta

* CHC capital projects are made possible through funding from the Government of Alberta and Canada Mortgage and Housing

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