Capital Projects Ramsay

Capital Projects – Ramsay Regeneration

Project Description

The regeneration of Ramsay 2 and Ramsay 7 includes significant exterior reconstruction involving siding replacement to a resistant concrete product, concrete surfaces/sidewalks, fences, repair of retaining walls, stairs, handrails, decks, landscaping, tree removal and pruning and exterior sewer line reviews. It includes repavement of parking lots, regrading of yards for proper drainage, new garbage enclosures, and the addition of pads to accommodate pick up of organics. New exterior lighting and rewired parking plugs are also being completed. Exterior safety-hazards such as damaged fences, loose nails, broken or uneven concrete, and areas where water regularly pools and freezes will be addressed.


Ramsay 2
Location: 1000 block 8 St SE
Type: Townhouse
Units: 3 and 4 bedroom
# of households: 8
Built in: 1978

Ramsay 7
Location: 1000 block 8 St SE
Type: Townhouse
Units: two and three bedroom
# of households: 12
Built in: 1982

Property Details

Community: Ramsay
Project: Complete regeneration
Property: Two CHC properties – Ramsay 2 and Ramsay 7
Schedule: Construction scheduled from January to August 2018
Budget: Approved budget of $1.12 million. (Excluding interior unit renewal being planned separately)

* CHC capital projects are made possible through funding from the Government of Alberta and Canada Mortgage and Housing

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