Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program

Info for Landlords

The Private Landlord Rent Supplement (PLRS) program is a way for Calgary Housing Company to expand the number of units available to Calgarians in need of housing options by partnering with landlords in Calgary.

Working with our PLRS department, private landlords provide units that are offered to applicants on the Calgary Housing Company waitlist.

Landlords follow their usual process when approving someone for tenancy.

The PLRS department reviews all files to determine suitability for the program, however reference or credit checks are undertaken by the landlord.

What programs does the Private Landlord Rent Supplement Department deliver?

The PLRS department currently delivers 4 different programs which are divided into 2 groups. The first grouping consists of; Regular PLRS. For this program we obtain units from private landlords (that we have an operating agreement with) and house clients from our wait list.
The second group consists of three Direct to Tenant programs in which clients find their own rental accommodation and the rent supplement goes directly to them. These programs are the Direct Rent Supplement, Municipal Rent Supplement & Rent Shortfall.

Does CHC have staff available to assist tenants when they are experiencing difficulties?

Yes, please speak to the Rent Supplement Administrator to discuss this when it is required.

Does CHC do landlord reference and credit checks on applicants before sending an applicant to view a unit?

We review the file to determine suitability for the PLRS program however we do not do reference checks or credit checks on our applicants. As a landlord, please follow your usual process when approving someone for tenancy.

What happens when a tenant would like a transfer?

The tenant is required to submit a request in writing to CHC to determine if a transfer will be approved.

What is the amount the tenant pays for a damage deposit?

In accordance with the Management Body Handbook the tenant’s security deposit must only be equal to what the tenant pays for rent. Our office will advise you of this amount when call you with the name of the prospective tenant.

As a landlord am I able to refuse someone for tenancy?

The short answer is yes. The clients that we refer to you are deemed highest in need on our waitlist. We review the files to ensure that they will be a good fit for the Private Landlord Rent Supplement Program (based on the information that has been provided to us). As a landlord we encourage you to do landlord reference checks, credit checks and other checks in the tenancy application process.

I have someone who is vacating a Calgary Housing unit, what do I do?

Send an email to our office with the client’s name and address. If the tenant gave notice after the 6th of the month this is considered late notice for our purposes. Although we will do our best to rent the unit out for the first of the following month if we are unable to find a suitable tenant we are obligated to pay the tenants subsidy portion only.

Will Calgary Housing Company assist with damages to the unit that were left behind by a vacating tenant?

Yes. Provincial legislation allows for damages to be paid to a landlord for abnormal damages. The maximum allowable is the market rent upon move out less the security deposit paid by the tenant. Therefore if the damages amount to $2000 and the market rent on move out is $1000 and the tenants security deposit (portion of tenants rent) is $120 then the maximum allowable for reimbursement is $880.00.

What constitutes abnormal damages?

Abnormal damages are damages that are beyond normal wear & tear. Normal wear and tear is defined in the Residential Tenancies Act as “….the deterioration that occurs over time with the use of the premises even though the premises receives reasonable care and maintenance.

What documentation needs to be submitted to have a damage claim processed?

All damage claims are reviewed by CHC and then submitted to the Province for approval. You will need to provide both the move in and move out inspection reports, an itemized list of the damages and a copy of the invoices, a statement of account. If there is a claim for carpet replacement or painting please provide the date that the carpet was last replaced and when the unit was last painted.

What is the process to increase the market rent?

As the units are under contract with Calgary Housing, you are required to submit the request to us for approval. Please submit your request in writing 4 months in advance of the date you would like the increase to take effect. If the increase is approved we will send the approval to you and the tenant. Please note that there are instances where we are unable to increase the rent.

I have a question but I am not sure who to contact.

If you have access to email you can send your inquiry to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person. You can also call our main line at (587) 390-1200.

We are experiencing difficulties with one of our tenants and would to evict him, what should we do?

As the landlord you have the right to evict a tenant when they are breaching the lease agreement they have signed with you. Please keep us informed when you encounter a situation such as this. Depending on the breach there may be some assistance that our office can provide to potentially avoid an eviction.

There is a tenant in one of our buildings that isn’t receiving assistance from Calgary Housing Company but could use your help; can we add her unit to the program?

The first step is to have your tenant fill out an application with Calgary Housing Company. Applications can be printed online or picked up at any one of our 3 district offices. If we are able to assist the client, we will be contact with you.

Did you know that Calgary Housing Company has 3 district offices to better serve our clients?

Although our PLRS Department is located in the CHC’s Corporate Office, clients can stop by any one of our 3 district offices to drop off documents etc. We are also available to meet clients at these locations.

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