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Do you have questions about how to pay your rent? How your rent is determined? How to request a rent adjustment? Here is some helpful and important information that you need to know as a CHC tenant.

Being a good landlord

Landlords have responsibilities, including:

  • Making the premises available on the date the residential tenancy takes effect
  • Giving the tenant a written “notice of landlord” with the address and contact information of the landlord within seven days of the tenant moving in
  • Not disturbing the tenants peaceful enjoyment of the premises
  • Not to bothering the tenant beyond what is necessary to do the landlord’s business
  • Ensuring the premises is habitable at the beginning and throughout the tenancy

Being a good tenant

Tenants also have several responsibilities to ensure they remain in good standing with their landlord, these include:

  • Paying rent on time
  • Being considerate of the landlord and other tenants
  • Not endangering other tenants
  • Not performing illegal acts or conduct illegal business on the premises
  • Keeping your home and assigned outdoor areas clean and in a reasonable state of repair.
  • Keeping the premises clean
  • Preventing damages to the premises
  • Reporting maintenance concerns
  • Replacing furnace filters, checking smoke detectors
  • Moving out when the rental agreement ends

Paying Your Rent On Time

Calgary Housing Company tenants must pay their rent on or before the first day of every month. Payment may be made by:

  • Telephone banking
  • Internet banking
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Cheque: mail or drop off at our main office
  • Debit at each District Office
  • We do not accept cash or post-dated cheques
  • Please note it can take up to 5 days for a payment to reach your account once it is paid.
  • If you have any concerns about not being able to pay your rent on time, please contact your Property Manager to discuss

Paying Your Utilities On Time

As part of your tenancy agreement, you must pay the proper authority all the utility charges for your unit (that you are responsible) in a timely manner.

  • If you owe money to your electricity provider they will install a load limiter on your electric power meter. This will allow just enough power to keep the furnace running and some lights on in the winter months (from approximately October 15 to April 25).
  • If you try to use more electricity than the limiter will allow, the breaker on the limiter will be tripped (it will turn off) and electricity will be fully interrupted to your unit.
  • Should you have access to your power meter you will have to reset the breaker on the limiter yourself (located on the outside of your building).
  • If you reside in a property where the power meters are not accessible, you will be required to pay your account in full in order to have the service provider come out and remove the load limiter.
  • CHC will send someone out to reset the load limiter for you (between Oct. 5 and Apr. 25 only). There is a charge for this service.
  • The cost of damages to the property due to suspension of service (utilities), will be charged to you 

Reporting Changes To Family Size or Income

  • Should a change to your family size or significant income change occur you must contact your Property Manager or Account Administrator.
  • Subsidized Housing tenants must report income changes including employment, employment insurance, income assistance or any change in the source of income.

Rent Adjustments

Some CHC programs are eligible for rent adjustment. See the CHC Programs section for more info.

  • Tenants living in Low End of Market housing and Affordable Housing units do not qualify for a rent adjustment. Contact your Property Manager if you are having trouble paying your rent.
  • Subsidized Housing tenants must provide proof of your household income, complete a Request for Rent Adjustment Form , sign and date the form, and submit it to your Account Administrator.
  • Request for Rent Adjustment Forms can be picked up in person at our main office, downloaded, or we can mail you one.
  • Your Request for Rent Adjustment Form will be reviewed and, if approved, you will receive a letter indicating what your new monthly rent will be. Rent adjustments cannot be backdated.
  • Deadline for submissions is the last day of the month. The review will take effect the month following the submission (ex. if the paperwork is submitted in January, the possible adjustment would take effect in February.)

Annual Rent Review Process

Depending on what program you belong to, many CHC tenants are required to complete an annual rent review in accordance with government legislation.

  • A letter will be sent in advance with the due date for your completed review.
  • When you receive a Review Form, you are required to complete it and provide us with proof of your gross household (before tax) income.
  • Even if you have recently filled out a Request for Rent Adjustment Form and/or your household income or family situation has not changed, you must still complete the Annual Rent Review Form and return it to us by the due date.
  • Failure to return all documents by the due date may result in losing your rent subsidy and you will be issued a Notice to End Tenancy.
  • For information on how rent is calculated, see the CHC Programs section.


We understand that at times tenants need to relocate to a new unit during the term of their lease agreement. When a request is made for reasons related to health, safety or security, we try our best to accommodate these requests.

Decisions about approving a request to transfer to a new unit must be made to also consider the need to serve our wait-list and serve the 4,500 households in our community waiting for access to affordable housing as well as the cost to turn-over units during a transfer.

Click here information about the types of transfers you can apply for as well as the approval criteria.

If you have questions, please contact your Property Manager or our Customer Service Line at 587-390-1200.

Lease Renewals

Prior to taking occupancy of your new home, you signed a Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease) for a fixed term tenancy (this means there will be a start date and an end date to your tenancy).

  • If your lease is not renewed prior to the end date, your tenancy will be declared terminated and you will be required to vacate your premises.
  • Lease renewals are considered if:
    • You remain eligible for the program
    • Your rent is paid in full each month.
    • Your home and yard is kept in an acceptable condition of cleanliness
    • Your behaviour and that of your  family and guests has been considerate and respectful of others,
    • You do not breach any of the terms of your lease agreement.
  • CHC conducts periodic inspections of your unit to assist us in determining whether your tenancy may continue.
  • Lease renewal signings take place during the last month of your existing term. Refer to your lease.
  • If have lost your lease agreement, you can call your Property Manager to request another copy.

Market Rent Increases

If you are renting under our Affordable or Low End of Market programs, you may be subject to an increase in your rent.

  • Each year CHC conducts rental market surveys to evaluate rent amounts
  • The new rent must be agreed upon during the lease renewal signing in order to continue your tenancy with us.

Landlord’s Right of Entry

  • As per the Residential Tenancy Act, Calgary Housing and their agents may enter your unit with notice between the hours of 8am and 8pm for the purpose of inspecting the state of repair of your unit, for performing repairs, for showing your unit or for pest control measures.
  • To ensure speedy repairs, tenants can give Calgary Housing verbal Permission To Enter the unit
  • 24 hour notice will be posted to enter the home unless you give Permission to Enter
  • If you have any pets, please ensure they are confined on the date and time noted
  • If you are not home a Calgary Housing Representative will provide access to your unit
  • Calgary Housing may enter the residential premises without consent or notice if there are reasonable grounds to believe that an emergency requires the landlord to enter the premises, or the tenant has abandoned the premises.

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PLEASE NOTE - Submissions using this form will be addressed on the next business day. For regular maintenance service or maintenance emergencies, please call Customer Service at (587) 390-1200. If you have a non-maintenance emergency, please call 9-1-1.

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