Apply For Subsidized Housing

Apply for Subsidized Housing

To apply for Subsidized Housing, you must print and complete the application form below, provide all the required support documents and then submit your application.

Be sure to confirm you are eligible to apply before starting your application. You can review eligibility requirements here.

If you need assistance completing your forms, confirming your eligibility or to discuss your application, please contact Customer Service at (587) 390-1200.

Support Document Samples

The following lists include samples of the common support documents that you require to complete your application. Click the buttons to view a sample document and read details about each document type.

After You Apply

  • Applications​ are reviewed, prioritized and placed on the waiting list if eligible.
  • Our team reviews your application to determine program placement based on regulations determining priority and level of need, unit size requirements and community preference.
  • A letter will be sent to you providing a determination of your priority with instructions for how to renew and/or update your application.
  • The type of rental program offered is dependent upon priority, availability and requested program.
  • Applications remain on the waiting list until suitable accommodation becomes available, however, you must renew your application annually. It is your responsibility to keep your application information up-to-date.
  • We currently have almost 4,000 applicants waiting for affordable housing.
  • The Calgary Housing Company waitlist is not a numbered, first-come-first-served system.
    • There is only one waitlist for all Calgary Housing Company subsidized rental programs and all applications are prioritized in accordance with Social Housing Accommodation Regulations (SHAR).
    • Applications are assessed individually and housing is based on availability, priority and time on waitlist.
    • Applications are prioritized on the basis of need as determined by source and amount of income, assets, number of dependents, current housing conditions and special circumstances.
  • Priority on the waitlist can change on a daily basis based on the number of applicants that have a greater or lesser need.
  • We are unable to tell you when a unit may be offered to you.

Calgary Housing Company first offers assistance to those who are considered the most in need, provided suitable accommodation is available. When a unit becomes available, our leasing department immediately fills that unit with the next applicant whose individual situation is the highest priority and meets the qualifications for that unit.

Calgary Housing Company is unable to determine when you will be offered housing, but we encourage you to consider factors that could delay the process of finding suitable accommodation:

1. Locations – Applicants may choose specific communities where they prefer to live; however limiting the number of acceptable areas may prolong the search to find affordable housing. You may consider expanding the range of communities where you would like to live to a broader quadrant of the city (e.g. NE, NW, SE, SW).

2. Pets – Applicants may wish to consider an alternative for their pets. We understand how important pets are in your family, however not all properties accept pets. Specifying that you prefer a unit that allows pets may lengthen your wait to find affordable accommodation. You may wish to think about considering a friend, neighbour or family member to help you with your pet.

3. Rental Programs – There is one application for all Calgary Housing Company subsidized rental programs; if you have specified a particular subsidized rental program on your application, you will not be offered housing in any of the other rental programs.

4. Insufficient or Incorrect Information – Applicants must provide all required information in order to be eligible for housing.

The more limitations you place on your application, the more restricted our leasing department is in its ability to assist you with your housing needs.

Calgary Housing Company understands and anticipates that your situation/status may change from the time you originally applied for affordable housing. If this is the case, you must update your application with new information and documentation. Changes to telephone number and address may be made over the phone by calling CHC at (587) 390-1200. All other changes must be submitted in person at one of our District Offices.

Click here to download the Application Information Update Form

1. Telephone Number – In order to be offered a unit, Calgary Housing Company must be able to contact you by telephone.

2. Address – If you have moved to a new residence, update your application with the new address information.

3. Family – If the size of your household has changed (you have had a baby, have become pregnant, family members have left, or additional family members have arrived), make sure to update your application with this change in your family number.

4. Income/Assets – If your household income or assets have changed, you must update your application with new proof of income documentation.

5. Immigration Status – Update your application with new documentation if your immigration status has changed.

6. School – If you or a member of your family is now in school or has finished school, update your application with this new information.

7. Eviction – If you have been evicted from your current residence, you must update your application with a copy of your eviction notice.

Contact Calgary Housing Company at (587) 390-1200 for more information about updating your application.

If you wish to remain on the waiting list, you must renew your application every 12 months by directly contacting Calgary Housing Company at  (587) 390-1200 or visiting us in person at one of our District Offices.

You simply have to provide your name and file number and your application will remain active for another year. It is your responsibility to renew your application. Calgary Housing Company is unable to contact applicants to let them know their application has expired, nor are we responsible for out-of-date applications. ​​​​​​

Application Process

Contact one of our District Offices at any time throughout the process. You do NOT need an appointment.

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Calgary Housing Company DOES NOT provide Emergency Housing.

If you require Emergency Housing please click here for help.