Resident Responsibilities


CHC residents are expected to comply with certain rules and regulations as indicated in their Residential Tenancy Agreement (lease). We encourage you to become familiar with these rules and regulations in order to maintain a successful residency with CHC.

Some of these rules and regulations include (but are not limited to):

  • Alterations and renovations to your unit are not allowed including structural alterations such as the installation of additional wiring, plumbing or heating units.
  • If alterations are made, Calgary Housing will restore the unit to its original condition and charge the cost of such restoration to the Tenant.
  • You are responsible for cleaning the inside and outside of the balcony doors, windows and tracks during your tenancy.
  • Balconies cannot be used for storage purposes.
  • Please do not shake, throw or hang anything out of windows or balconies.
  • Unfinished Basements and Storage Rooms are not to be used as a bedroom
  • Fire pits, wood burning stoves and chimineas are prohibited on all CHC sites, including yards and common areas.
  • Hibachis and other charcoal BBQs are not permitted on CHC sites.
  • Gas BBQs are allowed but must be located at a safe distance of at least 2 feet from fences, railings, walls and buildings while in use or while still hot.

Calgary Housing Company Policy prohibits the smoking, vaping or growing of cannabis in all CHC-managed properties. Exemptions to this policy may be granted for those with a medical prescription . Please note that tenants are responsible for the actions of guests and visitors.

Smoking, vaping or growing cannabis is considered a significant breach of the terms of your lease and could be grounds for eviction.

CHC has taken this approach to protect the safety, health and wellbeing of all tenants as well as the security and condition of the properties.

CHC does not control the legal possession of cannabis or the possession or use of legal edible cannabis products.

Medical Exemptions

If you have a medical need for cannabis that has been prescribed by a physician or medical professional, you can request an exemption from this policy. Please contact your Property Manager.

To make a request for a medical exemption you will require official documentation including a recognized medical professional’s prescription for cannabis, the legal source through which you will acquire the medical cannabis, and proof of tenant insurance .

If you live in a non-smoking building, a medical exemption might not allow you to smoke or vape cannabis in the building. Under such circumstances we will work with you to determine if a transfer to a smoking-allowed building is necessary.

The medical exemption process and requirements will be reviewed regularly to ensure all information and processes are current.

Request Form for Medical Exemption

Click to download Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Download CHC Cannabis Policy

Common areas are shared spaces including resource rooms, indoor lobbies and hallways, and outdoor playground or green spaces. Common areas are part of your community and should be treated like home.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure safe and reasonable use of all common areas by household members and guests.
  • Please do not leave belongings, including garbage and recyclables, in the common areas.
  • Small nails or picture hooks may be used to hang pictures.
  • Written permission from the Property Manager is needed to paint. You may be required to repaint the original colour upon move-out
  • Drapes or blinds should be used as window coverings.
  • Sheets, flags, tin foil, blankets, or any other material not meant for window treatments are not permitted.
  • Garbage should be put in plastic garbage bags, tied, and placed in the garbage bins or chutes provided.
  • Large items, such as mattresses and furniture, must not be left on, in or by the garbage bins and should be taken directly to the City of Calgary landfill at your own expense (see for locations).
  • To avoid attracting pests, rodents or stray animals, please help keep your home and surroundings clean and free of garbage and debris.
  • Recycling is to be placed in the appropriate bins or receptacles provided
  • Recyclables should be cleaned and lids removed
  • Recyclables should be placed loose in the bins (except shredded paper and plastic bags which should be placed in clear plastic bags and tied)
  • Visit for details on what can and cannot be recycled.
  • Guests cannot stay in your unit longer than one week (7 consecutive days) without permission
  • If guests stay for longer than one week or they stay in the unit on a repetitive schedule, they would be considered an unauthorized occupant, which is a breach of the lease agreement.
  • You are responsible for the behavior of your guests
  • You are responsible for the cost of any repairs and maintenance to your unit or common areas should your guest cause any damage (see Maintenance section for more details)

If your housing complex provides laundry room facilities, use of the laundry room is at your own risk.

  • Please remove lint from the lint screen in the dryer after each use to prevent fires and reduce drying times.
  • The laundry room, appliances, tables and sinks should be cleaned after each use.
  • If a washer or dryer is not working, please report it by calling the number posted in the laundry room.
  • Laundry rooms with card operated laundry equipment can be loaded by a debit machine located at your property. Insert the card during a dry cycle to add 5-7 minuets for $0.25. Contact Customer Service if you require a laundry card.
  • Laundry rooms are for tenant use only.
  • A new plunger is provided at move in and is yours to keep
  • Look inside your bathroom cabinet for directions on using your plunger
  • To prevent clogs, toilet paper is the only material that should be flushed down your toilet
  • Should you, other members of your household or your guests cause the sinks, tub or toilet to be clogged, you are responsible for the cost to remove the clog.
  • See the section on Tenant Charges for more information on CHC fees for unclogging drains.

DOWNLOAD: How to unclog your toilet

How to unclog a toilet

  • All tenants are entitled to quiet possession of their premises.
  • You and your guests should avoid causing unacceptable levels of noise that disturb the comfort of other tenants.
  • If you need to call Calgary Police or Bylaw Services for excessive noise, please report this to your Property Manager.
  • CHC does not permit a pool that is greater than 18 inches in height and/or 6 feet in diameter on CHC property including yards, common areas and play areas.
  • Pools must be drained at the furthest point away from all buildings with water drained away from buildings.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Calgary Housing is not responsible for any incidents that result from use of a pool.
  • Smoking is not permitted in common areas such as hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, parkades, entrances, walkways and playgrounds.
  • If you are residing in a designated non-smoking CHC building, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property, including your unit, balcony or on the grounds.
  • In accordance to The City of Calgary’s Smoking Bylaw, smoking is not permitted within three meters of an entrance or exit to any apartment building.
  • Only the leaseholders and occupants listed on your lease agreement may live in your unit
  • Subletting of your unit is not allowed.
  • All new occupants must be pre-approved by Calgary Housing Company.
  • Any guests staying in the unit for longer than 7 days requires written permission from your Property Manager.
  • Trampolines are permitted if the tenant follows manufacturers’ guidelines and directions.
  • Location must be at least 3 feet from fences, buildings, trees, parking areas and other obstacles.
  • A net is mandatory and must be in good repair.
  • Not all yards will accommodate the size of a trampoline safely.

Calgary Housing Company is committed to providing a respectful workplace for staff and respectful service to customers. CHC respects the rights and dignity of the people it serves and treats them in a non-coercive manner. In turn, we expect our staff to be treated courteously and respectfully. Violence or abuse is unacceptable.

We recognize that our customers – tenants living with CHC as well as those inquiring about or applying for housing – may be in crisis or experiencing extreme stress. This can lead to unacceptable behaviours such as abusive and disrespectful interactions with staff, threats or actual violence.

We understand that people may sometimes be angry or upset. However, it is not acceptable when anger about an issue escalates into aggression directed toward staff or other clients.

We are committed to respectful behaviour toward our customers by CHC as an organization and by our individual staff members.

CHC’s Unacceptable Behaviours and Workplace Violence Policy sets out how CHC and staff can work to promote respectful interactions and services between CHC and our customers.

In this policy, “unacceptable behavior” includes “any actions, words or physical gestures that could reasonably be perceived to cause another person distress or discomfort”.

This policy also covers threats as well as violence.

The policy identifies steps that CHC staff can take to prevent escalations or situations where unacceptable behaviors may result and to respond to unacceptable behaviours, acts of violence or threats. Key points include:

  • Ensuring staff receive appropriate training
  • Emphasizing de-escalation and prevention
  • Identifying situations with risk of unacceptable behaviour
  • Educating staff on how to respond to unacceptable behaviour
  • Reporting and record keeping requirements regarding incidents
  • Consequences for unacceptable behaviours, acts of violence or threats against staff
    • Applicants or tenants may be asked to leave CHC offices
    • Potential impact on tenancy up to and including eviction

Download a copy of the Unacceptable Behaviours and Workplace Violence Policy.

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Tenant Handbook

In Summer 2020 we compiled a new Printable PDF version of important information for tenants. You will find details on how to connect with CHC, guidance on the programs we provide, and advice on maintenance and management of your home. Keep a copy of the PDF on your device or print your own hardcopy. Download CHC Tenant Handbook 2020

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