Moving Out


This section provides more information on what is required when a tenant is preparing to move out.

If all of the occupants of your household are moving out, send CHC a written Notice to Vacate.

  • If you are moving out before the lease ends, contact your Property Manager.
  • You must give one full month’s written notice.
  • Notice must be received by our office by midnight on the first working day of your move-out month.
  • For example, if you are giving notice to move out on April 30, make sure we have your notice by midnight on March 31.
  • Notice to Vacate must be signed by all leaseholders and dated. It must also include a forwarding address.
  • Your notice can be faxed, mailed or hand-delivered to our office to the attention of your Property Manager.
  • We will send a letter to inform you of move out inspection appointments. If you cannot attend either appointment, please contact your Property Manager to arrange for a different date or time.
  • A pre-move out inspection may occur to assess the general condition of the property. This allows CHC to schedule contractors.

LEM tenants – For tenants on Fixed-term leases in Low End of Market units, you are not able to end your lease prior to the defined term. If you move out prior to the end of the term you will be responsible for the rent owing for the full extent of the term.

When you give notice to leave your unit, we will make an appointment with an agent of Calgary Housing Company to inspect your unit.

  • This is when you will hand over your keys to the agent.
  • You should also provide your forwarding address so we can send you the statement of account and contact you to return any security deposit if applicable.
  • If a security deposit was collected as per your rental agreement, a statement of account shall be sent within 10 business days of your final inspection.
  • All furniture and belongings must be out of your unit and yard prior to your inspection.
  • Your unit must be clean and ready for occupancy by the next tenant.
  • Use the Cleaning list provided as a guide to help you prepare your unit for move-out and avoid move-out charges.
  • If at the time of a move-out inspection items have been left behind, they are considered “abandoned goods” and will result in Tenant Charges.

1) Walls and Ceilings

 Clean and free of marks and indentations (finger marks, furniture marks, etc.).

 Thoroughly wash kitchen and bathroom walls. If walls have been painted a different colour or have been wallpapered, please contact your Property Manager.

2) Cupboards, Drawers, and Countertops

 Clean countertops.

 Wash cupboards and drawers inside and out, including the top of the upper cupboards.

3) Hot and Cold Air Register Vent Covers

 Clean vent covers.

 Vacuum inside hot air vents.

4) Curtain Rods

 Clean and serviceable.

5) Blinds

 Wipe free of dust.

6) Floors

 Clean linoleum.

 Shampoo carpets.

 Clean baseboards.

7) Windows

 Clean inside window sills and window tracks.

 Broken windows and screens found during inspection will be assessed against you.

8) Stoves/Hood Fans

 Clean inside and out.

 Clean top, sides, and front of stove.

 Clean drip pans under elements.

 Clean inside oven, broiler pan, and oven racks.

 Clean floor under the stove.

9) Refrigerators

 Defrost, clean inside and out, and adjust to LOW.

 Clean racks and crisper.

 Clean sides, front, and top of refrigerator.

 Clean floor under the refrigerator.

10) Washers, Dryers and Dishwashers

 Thoroughly clean inside and out.

 Switch the breaker for the dryer to OFF.

 Clean floor under the appliances.

11) Electrical Fixtures and Bulbs

 Clean light fixtures inside and out.

 All bulbs must be available and working.

12) Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Taps, Tubs, and Tiles or Tub Surround

 Must be clean and free of all dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits.

13) Toilet Bowls and Bathroom Fixtures

 Clean inside and out, including the underside of the toilet seat and the outside of the toilet bowl.

 Clean inside and out of medicine cabinet and vanity.

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