Warm Weather and Melting Snow

Warm Weather and Melting Snow

When the snow is deep and melts rapidly, the potential for flooding increases because the ground cannot absorb the water fast enough. Frozen ground and rapid melting can also lead to slick surfaces. Here are some tips to help protect you and your home:

Clear away snow from around your home. Clear at least a foot around the sides of your home to prevent water from seeping into the foundation when snow melts.

Keep sidewalks and walkways clear of snow and ice. The warmer weather gives you a chance to clear away snow and ice from sidewalks, walkways and driveways.

Use sand salt on slick surfaces. Melted snow that freezes again results in dangerously slippery surfaces. You can pick up free sand salt from several City of Calgary locations.

Position Gutter Downspouts away from your foundation. Make sure the gutter downspouts are positioned away from the foundation so when and snow melt from the roof, the water pours away from your foundation.

Inform your Property Managers if

  • You need snow cleared from your roof,
  • If you notice debris in your gutters,
  • If your gutters are missing or broken,
  • If you need a new downspout,
  • Or if you have any concerns about water damage to you property.

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