Exterior Maintenance schedule 2018

Exterior Maintenance Schedule

The following list indicates the day of the week which regular exterior maintenance is scheduled at the listed properties. This includes various lawn and grounds maintenance activities.

This schedule is subject to changes resulting from weather or other factors. If maintenance has to be deferred we will either reschedule as soon as possible or, if rescheduling is not possible, defer work to the following week.

To view the schedule for your property, click the quadrant from below and locate your property and or street name.

  • North East Calgary

    Property Name Location Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
    Abbeydale 1/2 Abergale Close NE X
    Abbeydale 3 Abalone Crescent NE X
    Armour Block Residential 4 Street NE X
    Bridgeland 2 / Bridgeland Place McDougall Court NE X
    Cedar Court 14 Ave NE X
    Crescent Heights 2 Ave NE X
    Crescent Heights 1 2 Ave NE X
    Crescent Heights 2 15 Ave NE X
    Falconridge 1 Falconridge Crescent NE X
    Falconridge 2 Falmead Bay, Falmead Place NE X
    Falconridge 5 Falmead Bay, Falmead Place NE X
    Pinehill 1 Pinehill Place NE X
    Pineridge 3 56 Street NE X
    Renfrew 2 8 Ave, Robert Road NE X
    Rundle 1 Rundlemere Road NE X
    Rundle 2 / Rundle Manor 26 Ave NE X
    Temple 1 Templemont Lane, Road NE X
    Vista Grande Vermillion Street NE X
    Vista Heights 1 Ventura Lane NE X
    Vista Heights 2 / Vista Heights Village 19 St, Ventura Terrance, Ventura Way NE X
  • North West Calgary

    Property Name Location Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
    Beddington 4 Berkley Drive, Bermondsey Way NW X
    Beddington Heights 1 Berkley Way NW X
    Beddington Heights 2 Beacham Road, Berkley Drive NW X
    Bowness 1 – Alley Bowness Road NW X
    Bowness 2 – Alley Bowness Road NW X
    Bowness 3 6123 Bowness Road NW X
    Bowness 4 35 Ave NW X
    Bowness 8 6111 Bowness Road NW X
    Dalhousie 1 Dalton Dr NW X
    Edgemont 1 Edgeburn Crescent, Edgeburn Gardens, Edgeburn Lane NW X
    Highland Park 2 40 Ave NW X
    Hillhurst 1 14 Street NW X
    Hillhurst 2 10 Street NW X
    Huntington 1 72 Ave NW X
    Huntington 2 Centre St NW X
    Huntington 3 Centre St NW X
    Huntington 6 / Hunterhorn Place Hunterhorn Manor, Hunterhorn Drive NW X
    Lomond Centre St NW X
    MacEwan Glean 1 MacEwan Drive, MacEwan Terrace NW X
    Montgomery 6 Montgomery Ave NW X
    Mountainview 1 23 Ave NE X
    North Have 2 Niven Place NW X
    North Haven 3 Norquay Court NW X
    Ranchlands 1 Ranch Glen Drive, Ranchlands Boulevard NW X
    Ranchlands 2 Ranchlands Bay NW X
    Ranchlands 3 Ranchlands Way NW X
    Ranchlands 4 Ranchero Green NW X
    Ranchlands 5 Ranchero Road NW X
    Ranchlands 6 Ranchlands Boulevard NW X
    Ranchlands 7 Ranchlands Boulevard, Ranchlands Road, Ranchview Terrace NW X
    Ranchlands 8 Ranchlands Grove NW X
    Silver Pines 17 Ave NW X
    Silver Springs 1 Silver Springs Road NW X
    Tamarac House 17 Ave NW X
    Thorncliffe 1 Centre Street NW X
    Tuxedo 1/ Tuxedo Gardens Court 27 Ave NW X
    Vida 17 Ave NW X
  • South East Calgary

    Property Name Location Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
    Abbeydale 5 Abbercove Lane SE X
    Baker House 5 Ave, MacLeod Trail SE X
    Crestwood 69 Ave SE X
    Deer Ridge 1 Deerpoint Gardens SE X
    Deer Valley 2 Deerfield Drive SE X
    Erin Woods 1 Erin Dale Court, Erin Woods Boulevard SE X
    Erin Woods 2 Erin Dale Crescent, Erin Mount Crescent SE X
    Erin Woods 3 Erin Croft Crescent, Erin Woods Drive, Erin Woods Lane SE X
    Erin Woods 4 Erin Woods Terrace SE X
    Inglewood 1 15 Street, 16A Street SE X
    Inglewood 3 8 Ave SE X
    Inglewood 8 15 Ave, 16A Ave, 17 Ave SE X
    McKenzie 1 McKenna Crescent, McKenna Lane, McKenna Way SE X
    McKerrell Gardens McKerrell Gardens, McKerrell Way SE X
    Midnapore 1 Bannister Manor SE X
    Ogden Transitional 76 Ave SE X
    Penbrooke 1 14 Ave, 52 Street, Pensacola Crescent, Pensacola Walk SE X
    Penbrooke 3 Pennsylvania Road SE X
    Queensland 1 / 2 – Queensland Heights Queenstone Heights, Queensland Drive, Queensland Place SE X
    Raddison heights 1 13 Ave SE X
    Raddison heights 3 Radcliffe Court SE X
    Raddison heights 4 Radley Place SE X
    Raddison heights 5 Radley Place SE X
    Raddison heights 6 Radcliffe Close, Radcliffe Courtm Radcliffe Crescent, Radley Way SE X
    Raddison heights 7 35 Street SE X
    South Hill Mobile Home Park 24 Street SE X
    Southeast A 36 Street SE X
    Southeast A 36 Street SE X
    Southeast A – Vacants 36 Street SE X
    Southview 2 19 Ave SE X
    Willow Park 1 9960 Bonaventure Drive SE X
  • South West Calgary

    Property Name Location Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
    Bankview 1 / Bankview Gardens 16A Street SW X
    Cedarbrae 2 106 Ave SW X
    Cedarbrae 4 Oakfield Drive SW X
    Connaught 2 / Weatherford Place 14 Ave SW X
    Connaught 3 / Whitehaven Manor 15 Ave SW X
    Glenbrook 1 / 2 47 Street SW X
    Glenbrook 4 35 Ave, 51 Street, Glengrove Close SW X
    Killarney 1 29 Street SW X
    Killarney 2 23 Ave, 30 Street SW X
    LIncoln Park 1 – 5 Richardson Road, Richardson Way, Richardson Road SW X
    Lincoln Park 6 Loncoln Place, Lincoln Way, Richardson Way SW X
    Louise Station 4 Ave SW X
    Lumino 2 Street SW X
    Manchester 3 / Tower 2 Street SW X
    Millrise 1 / Millrise Acres Millrise Drive, Millrise Manor SW X
    Mission 1 20 Ave SW X
    Mission 1 – Alley 20 Ave SW X
    Oakridge 1 98 Ave SW X
    Parkhill Manor Parkhill Place SW X
    Rosscarrock 1 42 Street, 43 Street SW X
    Shaganappi Village Barberry Walk SW X
    Shawnessy 1 Shawnessy Terrace SW X
    South Calgary 1 28 Ave SW X
    Stanley Manor 1 38 Ave, 38A Ave SW X
    Strathcona 1 Stradwick Rise SW X
    Sunalta 1 / Sunalta Garden Court 12 Ave SW X
    Treo of Montreaux St. Moritz Drive SW X
    Villa Blanca 21 Ave SW X
    Woodbine 1 Woodmont Court SW X
    Woodlands 1 Woodview Crescent, Woodview Terrace SW X
    Woodlands 2 Woodridge Drive, Woodridge Terrace SW X



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