Environmentally Friendly Affordable Housing

Calgary Housing (CH) is improving energy efficiency in affordable housing across Calgary thanks to funding from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the City of Calgary Climate Change Office.

The planned work will improve energy efficiency by over 25 per cent for over 500 homes. The City of Calgary has also been able to secure $5M for similar upgrades, bringing the total to $10M.

The impact of this initiative extends far beyond immediate energy savings. By focusing on rebuilding building envelopes, enhancing insulation, and upgrading windows to triple-glazed standards, the aim is to improve buildings to be not only more energy-efficient but also more durable and resilient.

While the renovations are carried out, most residents will be able to remain in their homes. The positive effects are widespread, with residents expected to see significant reductions in utility bills and improved comfort levels in their homes.

CH is also collaborating with the City’s Climate Change Office through a shared commitment to sustainability. Projects like cogeneration (which utilizes normally wasted heat generated by normal building processes) in Manchester buildings exemplify innovative approaches to energy generation. This will provide residents with hot water and provide an output for otherwise wasted heat.

CH has set its own building standards that prioritize energy efficiency and resilience. For example, class 4 shingles and engineered wood siding are now standard, ensuring that new construction contributes to long-term sustainability goals. This proactive approach not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also minimizes the need for future replacements. These shingles and siding are hail and severe weather resistant.

Projects such as the Hillhurst 1 redevelopment and Capital Development of Rundle 2 demonstrate a commitment to exceeding building codes and setting new benchmarks for energy efficiency.

Bridlewood affordable housing development.
Bridlewood affordable housing development.

The Rundle Manor residential complex is midway through construction. Upon completion it will have 135 units and provide housing for around 418 Calgarians. The building will also be 27 per cent more efficient on energy than the National Energy Code of Canada (NECB), 18 per cent better on emissions than the NECB, save 15 per cent on utility usage, meet the LEED V4 for efficient water consumption  and utilize durable building materials to reduce maintenance frequency.

Senior Leadership at CH is deeply invested in environmental initiatives. This concerted effort to go above and beyond in promoting sustainability sets a positive example for other housing organizations to follow.

By prioritizing energy efficiency, resilience, and collaboration, CH, CMHC and the City are laying the foundation for healthier, more sustainable communities that will endure for generations to come.










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In Summer 2020 we compiled a new Printable PDF version of important information for tenants. You will find details on how to connect with CHC, guidance on the programs we provide, and advice on maintenance and management of your home. Keep a copy of the PDF on your device or print your own hardcopy. Download CHC Tenant Handbook 2020

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