Nominate a Neighbour Award Spring Winner

Image of Najibah's mother. Nahjibah is the subject of the story.
Najibah’s mother.

Calgary Housing Helps Young Henna Artist Give Back to Her Community

Najibah is a 20-years old and has grown up in Calgary Housing. Her story illustrates the important impact safe, affordable housing has on community building. Najibah shares that the affordability of CH has alleviated financial stress, making it possible for her to focus on her studies without worrying about high rent. “CH is a big blessing,” she says. She has recently graduated from the Digital Marketing program at SAIT. She is excited about the flexibility of digital marketing and the potential to work from home and help with childcare.

Najibah shares that her mother instilled in her from a young age the importance of helping others. Her mother has always been ready to help their neighbours, by shoveling snow, bringing groceries or even through a friendly smile. Her neighbours shared that her family will care for the sick and elderly, and they’ve seen them cleaning up the community.

One of Najibah’s biggest passions is henna. She’s been doing henna with her sister since she was a little girl. She fondly recalls practicing henna designs on her mother’s hands, drawing everything from traditional patterns to dinosaurs. Najibah and her sister are now very talented henna artists, and enjoy organizing community events where they can do henna with their neighbours. Najibah shares that her mother would be so proud of the designs she did as a little girl, and would even wear them on her hands at EID and show them off to her friends.

“My mother is so involved in the community – inspires me 100% impacted how I socialize in the community, and how I connect in my community” says Najibah. Community initiatives, Najibah believes, are vital as they encourage people to engage in positive activities. “I like this initiative; it really encourages people to do positive things,” she says. Such events provide a platform for those who might be shy or lack support to participate and connect with others. She also shares that Susanna, one of the Housing Support Specialists has been vital in helping her organize and attend community events.

Looking ahead, Najibah plans to organize community events in collaboration with CH, where she can share her love of henna with her neighbours. These gatherings are crucial, especially for elderly neighbors who may experience isolation. Simple acts like saying good morning or offering a friendly hello can significantly reduce feelings of loneliness. “Even if you can’t shovel snow, say hello,” Najibah says, highlighting the importance of small gestures in building community.

The Nominate a Neighbour award celebrates community building in CH properties, as well as the ways our neighbours can encourage and inspire us. There will be a new winner announced each month, so please send your nominations to before the end of the month to be considered. You must be a CH resident to nominate a neighbour. Learn more and access the nomination form here.



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