Fire Prevention: Serve up fire safety in the kitchen

Fire Prevention: Serve up fire safety in the kitchen

Serve up fire safety in the kitchen with info and video resources provided by our friends at the Calgary Fire Department.

Most cooking fires start in the kitchen from overheated cooking oil or food left cooking on the stovetop unattended. Check out tips, links and video resources that will help you practice safe cooking habits in your kitchen all year round.

How to prevent cooking fires
  • Stay alert and never leave cooking unattended.
  • Check on your food regularly, use a timer.
  • Heat your cooking oil slowly and keep the temperature below 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid cooking when you are sleepy or drowsy from medication, alcohol or cannabis.
  • Keep your cooking areas clear of children, pets and materials that can catch on fire, such as potholders, towels, drapes and food packaging.
What to do during cooking fires
  • If you have a grease fire, don’t use water to put it out. Keep the pot on the stove and slide a fitted lid over it to smother the flames.
  • If it is safe to do so, turn off the heat and the exhaust fan to stop flames and gases from spreading.
  • For an oven fire, turn off the heat and keep the door closed to prevent flames from escaping.
  • For a microwave fire, keep the door closed and unplug the appliance if it is safe to do so.
Links & Resources

Fire Safety & Prevention Tips from CHC

Fire Prevention Week info from CFD

Learn more about fire safety on the Calgary Fire Department’s website:

~ Fire Safety Equipment
Smoke Alarms
Home Fire Safety
Electrical and Gas Appliances
Building Fire Safety
Disposal of Smoking Material

Bedroom Fire Safety:  Few things are more frightening that waking up to a fire in your home. Watch this short video to see how to minimize the risk of having a fire start during the night, how to know if there’s a fire in your home and how to escape from a home fire safely.

Kitchen Fire Safety: The number one cause of home fires in Calgary is being unsafe in your kitchen. Watch this short video to see what kinds of things can cause kitchen fires, what to do in case of a kitchen fire and how to prevent these fires from happening in your home.

Fire Prevention for Seniors: Remembering When is a Fire and Fall prevention program for seniors. As we get older, we tend to spend more time at home. Take a few minutes to watch this informative video with some helpful reminders about how to stay safe in your home.



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