Government of Alberta Releases “Stronger Foundations” Affordable Housing Strategy

Government of Alberta Releases “Stronger Foundations” Affordable Housing Strategy

On Monday November 1st, the Government of Alberta released Stronger Foundations Affordable Housing Strategy, a 10-year affordable housing strategy for Alberta.

“We are pleased to see the Province recognizing the importance of affordable housing and the needs of Albertans living on low incomes,” says CHC President Sarah Woodgate, “We desperately need resources to address the housing needs of Albertans in deep poverty – this requires government investment and we look forward to understanding how this plan will be implemented.”

In order to deliver on this new plan and its targets, it is urgent we see significant investment in Budget 2022 and beyond. After decades of under-investment in existing units and new affordable housing construction, it is vital to ensure expanded investments – both in new affordable homes and for supplements to enable lower income households to make rent – focus on the lowest income Albertans who are in the greatest need of housing.

The strategy includes a 10-year plan to create housing options for an additional 25,000 households across the province by 2032 and provides a 10-year roadmap outlining key actions needed to transform the current housing system. The plan indicates the new housing support will be roughly split between funding for new units and additional spaces under Rent Assistance programs.

“We look forward to non-profits and housing agencies being meaningfully engaged in discussions about this strategy and to understanding the implications for housing providers, municipalities, and Calgarians,” says Woodgate.

CHC will continue to engage the Government of Alberta to understand the actions to which the Province has committed within the strategy and the impact these actions will have on our residents and Albertans in housing need. We will work closely with the province to ensure we can collectively retain, regenerate, and grow the number of affordable homes available to enable lower income Albertans to live with dignity.

Background and Resources

Development of the new Alberta Affordable Housing Strategy was one or the 19 recommendations included in the final report of the Panel on Affordable Housing released in December, 2020. Calgary Housing Company and The City of Calgary submitted recommendations to the panel and also endorsed the submission of the Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC).

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