Applications Must Be Updated Due to Regulation Change

Applications Must Be Updated Due to Regulation Change

As a result of changes to provincial regulations, applicants must update their applications for housing or rental assistance managed by Calgary Housing Company (CHC).

Several Housing and Rent Assistance programs managed by CHC are governed by the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation (SHAR) which has recently been updated by the Government of Alberta. These changes impact the way applications are prioritized. Changes will come into effect on July 1, 2023.

To update your application with the required information, login to the Applicant Portal with your email address and password via the link. Click on ‘Continue Application’, to review your application, update missing fields and documentation and resubmit the application. Please ensure all tabs are reviewed before submitting your application.

If you do not update your application, your priority may be impacted, and your consideration for housing programs may be delayed.

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions should you have questions regarding these changes. You may also email us at or call us at (587) 390-1200 for further assistance.


Using the New Online Portal to Update your Application is Easy!

Using the Online Portal allows you to check your status, update your information, and submit any documents at any time, any day of the week!

Creating an account and logging on is easy following the steps below.

For best experience, use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox as your internet browser.

You can also use the Portal from your Smart Phone.

  1. Click here to register for your portal account
  3. Select, “I have a registration code”
    ** Your Registration Code is your Application Code. It is a 7 digit code starting with P
    If you are unsure of your Applicant Code, please call us at (587) 390-1200
  4. Complete the registration by confirming your personal details
  5. Click the Green Registration Button
  6. You are all Set!


Once you are in the Portal, you can review and update your information, and it will come directly to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SHAR is the Social Housing Accommodations Regulation mandated by the Government of Alberta, which governs several of our housing and rental assistance programs and provides housing providers with direction regarding the application for social housing and Rent Supplement including prioritization into programs, setting of rent, and eligibility.
  • The changes are being made by the Government of Alberta to simplify the application and eligibility process for Social Housing and Rent Supplement programs. The intent is to reduce documentation and paperwork, prioritize households who face greater barriers to housing, those paying a higher amount of their income towards rent, as well as those who may have health / safety concerns
  • If you have previously received a notification confirming your eligibility, these changes do not impact your status with Calgary Housing Company. However, we may be missing additional information to help accurately assess your application.
  • In order to ensure your application is prioritized correctly, you are required to update your application online through the application portal.
  • New Household information is being collected to support and prioritize households with greater barriers to housing. Applicants will have the option of disclosing or not disclosing household members belonging to any of these groups.
  • This information is being collected to increase the priority ranking for households who urgently need access to social housing. Applicants will receive points if they belong to one or more of the social groups identified by the Government of Alberta
  • These questions are being asked to help prioritize households facing an urgent need for housing. These questions ask about personal information and experiences and are being collected to support those who may face greater barriers to accessing housing. Your responses to these questions may impact your priority into housing. You may also choose not to disclose this information and can do so by selecting “prefer not to answer”.
  • Please be advised that we are doing our best to find homes for our applicants. However, we continue to see an increase in demand, with more people on the waitlist than there are homes available.
  • While the changes are intended to prioritize households most in need and facing greater barriers to housing programs and supports, the wait time for access to housing programs and supports may not change.
  • If your application is not updated within 30 days, your priority and placement might be impacted, and this could cause a delay in providing any housing supports you and your household might need.



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