Submit your Opinion to Alberta’s Affordable Housing Panel

Submit your Opinion to Alberta’s Affordable Housing Panel

Provincial panel to review Alberta’s affordable housing system. And they want to hear from you!

The Government of Alberta has selected a panel of 10 independent experts to review affordable housing and identify ways to make the affordable housing system better serve Albertans in need and provide recommendations to transform affordable housing to be more efficient with taxpayer dollars.

The panel includes individuals with a diverse range of expertise and background in housing, development and civil society, who will hear from groups interested in affordable housing including those representing seniors, Indigenous Peoples, newcomers, people experiencing homelessness, and people with disabilities. The panel will review and explore ways the government can make affordable housing even more affordable and accessible for people with low income.

Get involved
All Albertans are invited to share their input – submit your thoughts and suggestions on affordable housing by August 31, 2020. Submissions will be reviewed by the panel and will help inform its work. Email your submissions to the panel at

How to Contribute

To share your ideas with the affordable housing panel,
send them by email to 
before August 31, 2020

For more information about the issues and topics being considered, click on the links at the bottom of this page.

The panel’s work is focused on answering three questions:

How can we get more value for government spending on housing?
How can government address housing needs through the private market?
What are the reasons people need subsidized housing and what role should government play?”

Putting a Spotlight on Affordable Housing
According to the Alberta Government, nearly 500,000 Albertans spend more than 30 per cent of their household income on housing, which is considered unaffordable according to the standard for affordability. This is causing waitlists for affordable housing to get longer each year. Currently, more than 110,000 Albertans live in affordable housing, while 19,000 more households are on waitlists.

The Affordable Housing panel will explore ways to improve affordable housing, including how housing assets are funded and operated. Work will focus on finding ways to get more value for government spending on housing and looking at how government can address housing needs through the private market. The panel will also address the reasons people need subsidized housing and what role should government play. They will consider the supports required for Albertans in critical housing need, analyze economic factors and housing market trends, and compare the approaches other provinces and territories are taking to affordable housing

The panel will seek the perspectives of stakeholder organizations that represent the interests of population groups most in need of affordable housing. They will consider the perspectives of housing providers, private companies and civil society organizations to identify potential solutions to meet the needs of Albertans who require affordable housing. Recommendations will be used to transform how Alberta’s affordable housing system is delivered so it is financially sustainable and able to address growing demand.

The panel includes members with a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds as housing providers, developers, civil society organizations, academics and housing advocates.

The Affordable Housing Review Panel members:
• Mickey Amery, chair – MLA for Calgary-Cross
• Paul Boskovich – president, Genstar Development Company
• Lauren Ingalls – chief administrative officer, Westwinds Communities
• Jeffrey Johnson – consultant and former Alberta MLA and cabinet minister
• Sam Kolias – co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer, Boardwalk REIT
• Javaid (Jerry) Naqvi – chairman and founder, Cameron Development Corporation
• Marcia Nelson – executive fellow, University of Calgary
• Raymond Swonek – chief executive officer, Greater Edmonton Foundation Seniors Housing
• Dr. Sasha Tsenkova – professor, University of Calgary
• Rachelle Venne – chief executive officer, Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women

The panel will submit its final report to the Minister of Seniors and Housing by September 30, 2020.

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