Review of Affordable Housing Funding in Alberta Budget 2022

Review of Affordable Housing in Alberta Budget 2022 On February 24, the Government of Alberta presented its 2022-23 budget. Below is the Calgary Housing Company (CHC) review of the budget and its impact on the affordable housing sector in Alberta. CHC had submitted its Budget 2022 recommendations to the Government of Alberta in January 2022 […]

2021 Provincial Budget Impact on Calgary Housing Company

2021 Provincial Budget on Affordable Housing The provincial budget, announced on February 25, 2020, included some significant impacts on affordable housing in Calgary.  The Government of Alberta (GoA) is a core funder for CHC, providing both operating and capital funding for maintenance of existing affordable housing, as well as funding the rent supplement program. Although […]

Province Releases Affordable Housing Panel Report

Provincial Affordable Housing Panel Makes 19 Recommendations for Future in Report Province Accepts Recommendations – New Strategy to be Released in Spring 2021 Significant changes may be on the horizon for the organization, operation, and funding of affordable housing in Alberta. The potential for these changes is contained in 19 recommendations of a report released […]

Feds Announce $1B for Rapid Affordable Housing

Federal Government Pledges $1B for “Rapid” Affordable Housing Across Country On Monday, Sept. 21, the Federal government through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation announced $1B for Affordable Housing across Canada in the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI), the latest program under the National Housing Strategy. Details of the Federal announcement are yet to be released, but […]

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