Free Virtual Tax Clinics in Calgary

Free Virtual Tax Clinics in Calgary

Free tax clinics are still taking place during COVID-19 which you may be eligible for if you have modest income and a simple tax situation.

The Government of Canada extended the 2020 personal income tax return deadline to June 1. If you need help with your tax return for the current year, or previous years, you might be able to get them done at a free virtual tax clinic.

Free tax clinics will have criteria to determine whether you qualify for free tax filing service. Generally you may be eligible for help at a free tax clinic if you have a modest income and a simple tax situation.

Modest income

According to the Government of Canada, generally a modest income means your total family income is less than the amount shown in the chart below, based on the size of your family. These are suggestions and community organizations may set different amounts.

Suggested income level

Family size Total family income is under...
1 person $35,000
2 persons $45,000
3 persons $47,500
4 persons $50,000
5 persons $52,500
More than 5 persons $52,500 plus $2,500 for each additional person

Simple Tax Situation

In general, your tax situation is simple if you have no income or if your income comes from sources like regular employment, pension or benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan, disability insurance, employment insurance, and social assistance. Also income from registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs), support payments, scholarships, fellowships, bursaries or grants and interest (under $1,000) would generally be classified simple.

Your tax situation is not simple if you are self-employed or have employment expenses, have business or rental income and expenses or have have capital gains or losses. Also situation where you may have filed for bankruptcy in the tax year (or the year before, if that return has not yet been filed) or are completing a tax return for a deceased person.

Where to get more information

Free tax clinics are still taking place during COVID-19. Please refer to this list of free tax clinics from the Government of Canada or this page from Calgary’s Sunrise Community Link for a list of local tax clinics.

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