National Housing Day 2023

Today is National Housing Day!

Over the past few months, we have seen a dramatic rise in attention to the current crisis in housing. At Calgary Housing Company, we focus on housing every day, and we see how affordable housing is a solution to more than just today’s problems. Housing provides benefits that are both immediate and long lasting.

For many families and individuals, safe, secure affordable housing is a foundation on which they can build for the future, work through current challenges, or establish themselves as they grow. The flexibility of our programs can be a great fit that support families and individuals through changing circumstances and, in some cases, move on to home ownership.

These resident stories and testimonials highlight just a few of the impacts that come from affordable housing.


Stability that Meets Changing Needs

After moving to Calgary, a young family moved into a Calgary Housing Company (CHC) managed home. The family and their young son moved into a two-bedroom unit in 2013. Although both parents had university degrees, they struggled to find employment. Both parents decided to go back to university to improve their language skills and gain Canadian experience. Their family grew and so they moved into a larger house with CHC. Their income increased as well, and so CHC transferred them to a different stream of housing. Their eldest child has now gone on to play soccer in the United States, and in 2019 the family gave notice to say they were moving to be closer to other family in Alberta.

CHC’s housing programs helped provide stability for this family. As the family grew, and as their income grew, they were able to access different streams of housing and not lose access to safe and affordable housing. Having that safe and secure housing supported the family while they improved their English and enhanced their post-secondary education. Throughout their tenancy, CHC worked collaboratively with the family to help support their connections to their community and through referrals that supported the wellbeing of the household.


Helping Mothers in Need

In 2006, a woman and her three daughters moved into a CHC property in Midnapore. Throughout her tenancy with CHC, the resident was able to address various challenges in her life and improve her family’s situation. In 2018, she moved into housing that required a lower subsidy. In 2022, she gave notice that she had just purchased a house.


Affordable Housing Helps Family Buy Home

In 2019, a family moved into a CHC property. They gave notice in 2023 that they had been able to purchase a home. Their four years of safe, affordable housing helped the family save up for a home.


Overcoming Economic Insecurity

Another resident recently expressed gratitude for the support provided by CHC as they worked towards home ownership. Through information provided by CHC on home ownership programs, the family were able to work through their economic challenges. The family now lives in a home they have purchased.


Resident Testimonials

I am very thankful for my amazing Property Manager and Tenant Liaison for making sure me and my family are taken care of. My littlest one was just in the hospital twice with COVID, and I ended up spending the last of my money on parking and taxi fare. I am very thankful for CHC’s assistance in providing for my family while we are sick and recovering. Thank you so much for your support and the difference you have made for so many families in need, including mine.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you my Tenant Liaison, you’ve been a wonderful lady who has helped me a lot. Thank you for the school supplies, you really took a weight off my shoulder. I know there are amazing hearts who care and are willing to help when times are tough. You guys are really amazing people, may God bless you truly.

Housing should be affordable, and we need more of it in Canada.



A few snapshots of housing need in Canada:

  • The average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Calgary is now $1733
  • Rents have increased on average in Canada for the past six months and have increased by 8.8%
  • Alberta led the country for rent increases with an average increase of 16%
  • We have over 5,600 households on our waitlist
  • We’ve experienced a 43% increase in applications from 2022 to 2023
  • Housing need in Canada is expected to grow


Read more on affordable housing in Canada here:




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Tenant Handbook

In Summer 2020 we compiled a new Printable PDF version of important information for tenants. You will find details on how to connect with CHC, guidance on the programs we provide, and advice on maintenance and management of your home. Keep a copy of the PDF on your device or print your own hardcopy. Download CHC Tenant Handbook 2020

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In early 2024 we will be reaching out to residents to gather your experiences, opinions, and ideas to inform our Anti-Racism Strategy.

You can participate by:

  • Completing the survey that will be distributed in early 2024
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