Reminder to tenants about plumbing and clogged drains

Reminder to tenants about plumbing and clogged drains

Use of home toilets has increased from people remaining at home due to self-quarantine and social distancing protocols. The increase in toilet paper use combined with alternative paper products being flushed down toilets is causing residential and city wastewater systems to be overloaded.

Tenants are reminded to only flush toilet paper down the toilet as it is the only paper product designed to break apart on contact with water. Other types of paper products and foreign debris in a wastewater sewer system can cause failure of system components such as toilets and sump pumps, as well as blockages and back-ups of sewage water and waste.

Tenants are also reminded that they are responsible for any clogged drains in their home, and maintenance requests for clogged drains will incur a tenant charge.

Tips for keeping your toilet unclogged
  • Never put anything down the toilet other than toilet paper (no cotton swabs, balls or pads, no tissue, no paper towel, no wipes, no diapers, no toys.)
  • Products listed as biodegradable should not be flushed.
  • City of Calgary water services reminds us that wipes labeled as flushable should still not be flushed (see more from the City of Calgary).
  • Instructions for unclogging your toilet are located in bathroom cabinets.
  • Or refer to this handout for How to unclog your toilet (tenant charges will apply any time CHC is called to unclog your toilet if it is determined that anything other than toilet paper was flushed down the toilet.)

Here is a list of paper products and other commonly flushed items, and where you should dispose of them:
Baby Wipes/Cleansing Wipes dispose in garbage
Cotton swabs, pads, balls dispose in garbage
Disinfectant/Cleaning Wipes dispose in garbage
Feminine Hygiene Products dispose in garbage
Paper Towel/Napkins dispose in compost bin
Pet Litter dispose in compost bin
Tissues/Kleenex dispose in compost bin

More from the City of Calgary: What goes in the green cart

If you have any questions about plumbing or tenant charges, please contact our customer service line at (587) 390-1200.



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