Residents Nurture Wellness Area in Southview

Residents Nurture Wellness Area in Southview

The wellness space and garden area at CHC’s Southview property not only grows beautiful blooms of flowers, it also grows a stronger community.

Residents at Southview have been nurturing their wellness area to get it ready for summer. Over the past few months, they began preparing the flower beds by pulling out the weeds and old foliage, turning the earth, preparing the soil for the delicate flowers, while waiting with anticipation for the weather to change and planting time to come.

This week with the help from volunteers at the Kiwanis Club of Calgary Chinook in collaboration with the Tenant Liaison Susanna, they organized, sealed and painted picnic table and benches, and planted the flower pots on site.

The garden has an amazing view of downtown Calgary, and although it sat empty for a long time during the winter months, today it is alive with fragrant flowers and has a fresh new look.

Tenants and neighbors who love sitting in the garden, walking their dog through it, or just hanging out in the space when possible can now enjoy a tranquil space while soaking up some sunshine and breathing in the fresh air. For those who call Southview home, the garden has become a welcoming and peaceful place for their community to grow.

Volunteers getting the area painted and planted.

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