Current COVID-19 Info for Tenants

Current COVID-19 Info for Tenants

It was announced on January 18 that outdoor social gatherings are permitted with up to 10 people. Other restrictions remain in place. Here is what that means for Calgary Housing Company and our tenants.

Outdoor Social Gatherings up to 10 people – Outdoor social gatherings are permitted with up to 10 people and must not have an indoor component. Backyard gatherings that require movement in/out of homes are not permitted. Attendees should remain distanced at all times and follow all public health measures. View Info from the Province of Alberta

No indoor social gatherings – Close contacts are limited to household members only. People who live alone can have up to 2 close contacts. View Info from the Province of Alberta.

Mask use required in commons spacesMasks are mandatory in all indoor public places, places of worship, and indoor workplaces, and must also be worn in common areas of condos and apartments.

Work in occupied units – We are continuing with critical work in occupied units. All staff and contractors are taking appropriate health measures and we are asking tenants to do the same, including to wear a face covering in their unit when a contractor is present.

Masks in units with contractors – we are asking tenants to wear a face covering in their unit when a contractor is present. We have also asked contractors to wear masks while they are on CHC property.

Closure of Common Sitting Areas – Common sitting areas on CHC properties will remain closed. Do not congregate in common spaces during the current restrictions.

Resource Rooms and Tenant Programs – View Info on Partner Programming for details on what is available at the property level. Refer to our Community Supports page for local resources, or reach out to your Tenant Liaison if you are in need of support.

Increased Janitorial at high density properties – Calgary Housing Company is continuing increased janitorial services at our high density properties.

Tenant Self-Reporting – Alberta Health Services does not notify CHC of positive cases on our properties, so self-reporting any positive cases in your home is an important tool to support the effort to keep our communities safe. If you have a positive case of COVID-19 in your home, please contact your Property Manager. This will help us monitor and track active and recovered COVID-19 cases on our properties and help us understand risk level. Read more about how CHC Monitors for COVID-19.

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