Kids Resources

Resources for Kids

This area includes at home learning resources, links to activities and exercises that will help keep kids busy and active while remaining at home.

Supports for Parents

Information and resources to support parents with at home learning.

Environmental Education Activities and Resources to Support Home-Based Learning – The Alberta Council for Environmental Education will continue populating this page with resources to help while kids learn at home. [Added 4/20]

My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource – an online resource that provides parents with information on what children should be learning about, and resources to support their learning, specific to each grade level. [Added 4/20]

Engaging your kids without going crazy. By Dr. Caroline Buzanko – this PDF guide outline key foundations to build on so you can not only survive this pandemic, but thrive. You may even be able to enjoy this time with your kids together! [Added 4/14]

AHS Community Education Services - The Community Education Service (CES) provides parents and caregivers and other community members with opportunities to access free, public education sessions on child and youth emotional wellness and health topics. [Added 4/14]

City of Calgary Resources

City of Calgary At Home Activities page - The City of Calgary has put together this handy resource to help keep active, healthy, and have fun at home! Each week, different ideas and activities will be added to keep children and families connected, engaged, and active while at home. [Added Apr 6]

Resources From Calgary Neighbourhoods (CN) - Our partners in CN have compiled two resources for parents and caregivers: Caregiver Resources and Activity Toolkit for kids. Links to education resources and activities listed in the resources document are also included below.

The Activity Kit for Kids has been designed for children aged 6-12, to help keep them occupied while at home. The kit includes a booklet of easy to follow activities that parents and caregivers can facilitate with their children. The activity kit has enough suggested resources to keep kids busy for a month with only a few simple supplies such as dice, playing cards and yarn. Other activities use regular household items. CHC is working with CN to distribute these to tenants. Download the Activity Toolkit and Caregiver Resources.

From our friends in the community

Calgary Reads Noodle a day - learn different ways to engage and bond with kids during different ages and stages of development. From birth (and even before), reading is important. It builds the foundation of brains for life-long learning. [Added 4/14]

Calgary Fire Department Drive-By Birthdays - the Calgary Fire Department is offering Drive-By Birthdays to people between the ages of 4-12 and 75+ from now until the end of May 2020. [Added 4/10]

Story time with Constable Smith - During these times of uncertainty, CPS understands the world can seem scary, especially to younger children. Constable Smith wanted to try and brighten everyone's week and will be reading his favourite stories over the next coming days. [Added Apr 10]

Exercise and Well Being

Here are a couple of great online dance and exercise classes and channels to get the kids moving!

Educational Resources

The following list of educational resources include spelling, language, reading, music, math and science.


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